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What is Hospice and who is eligible?

Hospice is a philosophy of caring that focuses on what a patient needs and wishes for to manage their pain and support system in their last moments of life. It is a tailored and team oriented system to restoring dignity and providing a sense of personal fulfillment to those facing a life-limiting illness or injury.

The focus is on you and your family rather than the illness; the goal is to improve the quality of life in those remaining precious moments.

Today, people who need hospice are not sent to some unfamiliar place, building, or secluded medical facility (a frequent misconception). Instead, it’s a concept – a collection of ideas and attitudes – about an array of services based on a holistic philosophy of living and dying.

Hospice searches for meaningful treatment of terminally ill patients and their families by uniting contemporary science with sensitive caring. In short, the goal of all hospice care is the relief of symptoms in order to promote comfort and improve a patient’s quality of life.

Where can I receive services?

Our trained and professional staff can care for patients in many different settings. These include but are not limited to family residence, board and cares, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and contracted inpatient hospitals.

How do I pay for Hospice?

Coverage is provided by Medicare, MediCal, The Department of Veterans Affairs, most private insurance plans, HMO’s and other managed care organizations.

What makes Global Home Hospice Service Inc. Different?

Our mission is to honor life by providing comfort care and compassion to those we serve.
Our vision is to be the best choice for end of life and palliative care through the passionate pursuit of excellence and innovation.

What Services are provided?

Global Home Hospice Service Inc. depicts the holistic continuum of care rendered by Hospice Professionals.